Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what a week!

I just have to say "what a week!" Most often (like 95.5% of the time) I say that with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Today, though, I am saying it with utmost joy!

I realize that we are only half way through this week but I just have to stop and praise Him for His blessings in my life. He has gifted me with an incredible week of fellowship with friends and my family. I'd like to think it is His birthday gift to me.

Yesterday, my dear friend, Julie, took me to the Peony Tea House for lunch. It was so quaint and so fun! This tea house's specialty is their pastries. For dessert, we were each served a plate of no less than 6 different pastries!! ... and a bag to take home what we couldn't eat then. Bliss!

Julie and I also ventured through Ft. Wayne and found Lakeside Learning Garden. I can't resist a book store and one that has new and used books and curriculum is even better! Of course, I came out with 2 bags!

We ended our time out by going to Sonic during Happy Hour for a Route 44 Lemon Berry Slush. If you haven't had one... by all means, please find your nearest Sonic and go between 2-4 p.m. for Happy Hour. All slushes are half-price... less than $1 for 44 ozs of strawberries and lemon! Way too good!!

If yesterday were not enough, this morning my friend Kelly treated me to breakfast out. We have a standing Wednesday morning breakfast date and this morning she picked up my tab.

Tonight, my man took me out for my birthday dinner. We have this incredible place in town called Noa Noa. It has become own of my all-time favorites. Scott, the owner and chief chef, serves seafood and sushi. I could leave the sushi behind but the seafood...oh my! He grills it on his wood grill and serves it with wood-grilled veggies and fruit. Is your mouth watering yet? Try this... coconut shrimp and bleu fire toast and shrimp (think the best hot wing sauce ever served over shrimp) for your appetizer... spring green salad with homemade chipotle honey mustard dressing... mango & ginger escolar over rice with grilled veggies and pineapple and bananas... and a coco nana sundae for dessert. It was WAY better than I can even describe!

After dinner, we spent a few hours with our friends, the McQuades. This family of 9 just saw their oldest son married this weekend. Tonight we watched the video, looked at pictures, played all while Chad hooked up their new computer. It was a FUN time of sweet fellowship.

All of this would make this week incredible and yet the fun continues.... tomorrow friends in the afternoon and a late night coffee night with my "nest" (those friends of mine who keep me grounded)... and ... Saturday is our family's first 5K and our family's first Sabbath celebration (more on both of these later).

I am soooo blessed! What a week, LORD, thank You so much!! As if salvation were not enough, You continue to gift me with incredible blessings in this journey called "life"!

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