Wednesday, March 31, 2010

celebrating with a coconana berry smoothie!

Today I completed my walking goal for the month of March... 40 miles! Not a lot by some standards but a ton by mine! It feels good. So, the new goal is 5o miles in April and to train for a 10K. I'm actually looking forward to this goal! And, looking forward to getting new sneakers... shin splints... yuck!

So, to celebrate my goal and to walk the remaining 1.5 miles for March, I walked to our local Christian bookstore to look for a gift for my soon-to-be 15 year old friend, Makayli. Makayli's birthday is tomorrow.

I found a book on Christian dating for Makayli that looked promising and so I thought I'd peruse it while I waited for my "40 mile celebratory coconana berry smoothie" in the cafe of the bookstore. As I was waiting in line, I heard someone say "Hi!". I turned around and greeted a friend that I've known from high school. We exchanged pleasantries while waiting for our respective drinks. I looked down and realized I was holding a book on dating. Hmm..... (currently, my wedding rings and my 10th anniversary ring are being cleaned and repaired and so my fingers are bare....)... awkward! Fortunately, Darrin knows me... he knows Chad... he knows we are happily married. He even promised to start no rumors other than the fact that he heard I was dating a nurse at the hospital.

The entire exchange with Darrin took about 2.5 minutes but I have chuckled a lot since. I love that God gives me unexpected joys in the middle of my days. And, I can't wait to get my rings back and be "officially" married again!

As far as the coconana berry smoothie... what a way to celebrate an accomplished goal! If you are ever in the area, I'll meet you at the Tree of Life and treat you to one! Soooo good!!!

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