...who I am...

I am Heidi... a work in progress... and so very, very grateful for His promise to complete the work He has started in me.

Married almost 18 years to the one who holds my heart, Chad. Together we parent our three gifts from God. Currently they are 15, 12 and 8. We've homeschooled for 10 years, with this year being a new adventure with one in public high school, one in private Christian school and one home.

As I look at my life, it is nothing that I envisioned and yet it is more than I could have ever asked. Two years ago, I began counting the grace gifts that each day brings. In doing so, I have found peace and joy in the journey.

The journey of life is different for each of us. I don't profess to have any answers. I simply know the One who does. It is to Him I go when I am beaten, afraid and bedraggled. He loves, protects, and blesses me far beyond what I could ask or think. To Him alone is all the glory!