Friday, March 19, 2010

25 miles and counting...

Today's walk marked the 25.5 mile marker for me! I can't remember what day of March I actually decided to start walking to train for a 5K but I do know that on March 19, I passed 25 miles of walking and I am registered for a 5K next Saturday. The entire family is joining me!! My girls are NOT excited about this but I am...I can't wait!!

Only a few know how huge this is for me. I used to walk and I loved it. I thought that was just a few years ago until I realized it was 15 years ago!!!! Somehow life happened...7 pregnancies, 3 babies, major surgeries, broken tailbone, etc., etc. Not only have I gotten way too far out of shape but also walking was no longer something I even aspired to. I always seemed to have far too many things to do in a day to be able to fit a walk into the schedule.

I honestly believe this desire to walk a 5K, a 10K, a mini and a marathon is God ordained. I think He had given me this desire... it's as if He has breathed it into my heart. For the first time in my almost 41 years, I have this desire but it hasn't taken over my life. Usually, when I decide to set a goal, it becomes a "god" for me. I do everything I can to accomplish it and I get angry if someone or something gets in my way. I become obsessed with the goal and it begins to take over my entire life.

So far, it seems as if this goal of walking is different. For instance, I have missed several days of walking this month because of either my own sickness or my kid's sickness. The weather has kept me in as well. However, I walk when I can and I enjoy it immensely. When I can't walk, I'm okay with it.

I want my attitude to stay this way. I don't want this to take over my life and become a "god" or an idol. I don't want it to become about weight loss. I don't want it to become about how far or fast I walk. Instead, I want to enjoy it simply because God has given me the health to be able to walk and He gives me beautiful creation to enjoy while I am walking and He allows me to pray and praise Him for a few minutes by myself while walking down the road.

25 miles and counting of spending some quality time enjoying His creation praying and praising Him!

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