Sunday, March 07, 2010

sugarin' update...

We've almost completed one week of collecting maple sap and boiling it down for syrup. I have to's been fun! The kids go out 2-3 times a day to collect the sap in the buckets hanging on the trees. Yesterday, I was gone for most of the day and the kids not only collected the sap but strained it and kept it boiling on the stove. Dad helped supervise and they all did a GREAT job!! My stove top is a bit sticky but I was so impressed at the good job that they did.

So far, we've collected 17+ gallons of sap. Tomorrow evening will mark one week of collecting and I really think we will surpass 20 gallons of sap by then. These warm, sunny, gorgeous days that get cold again at night have made the sap from the trees run fast.

We have 10, or so, Sugar Maple trees on our property. I was disappointed when I realized that several of our trees are in standing water right now. This isn't a problem for the tree, however, it is a big problem for the sap collector! So, Liann and I opted to just tap two trees and see what happened. All 17 1/2 gallon have come from just two trees.

I haven't canned any finished syrup yet because I continue adding the boiling sap together. I also need to go buy a better digital thermometer (note to self...cheaper is often times not better!!). However, this morning I poured a tablespoon, or so, of boiling syrup over my oatmeal and it was delicious! Still quite a bit runny but sweet!!

I'm still hoping to meet my goal of a gallon of homemade maple syrup this year. I haven't decided if I will quit then or try to get a little more. I have a couple of nephews who would probably really love any extra I can get.

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