Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a few more things in my full day...

Here are a few more things in my full day today...

1~after my last post about today being dreary and rainy, it turned out to be the most beautiful afternoon! God blessed us with sun and 63 degrees. After the library, I came home ready to walk and my man opted to join me. I love the blessing of having not-so-little-anymore kids. We left them here and away we went! Ahhh! Two miles later, I felt refreshed and blessed to have a few moments of time with my man.

2~as of today, I have walked a total of 18 miles in 8 days. Not too bad. Still plugging away at my goal! Hopefully, I will get faster after this cough goes away. I told some friends at the library today that I was hoping to sweat the germs right out of me today. Don't think it worked but I am glad I got the walk in!

3~we collected over 20 gallons of sap and boiled it down to just over 1/2 gal. We finished them Monday evening. Here are some pics of my finished jars of syrup. Of course, we've eaten some already and tonight is French Toast so that we can enjoy some more. I'm thinking I may have to buy some at the Amish grocery store this season to get us through the year, since we seem to be gobbling up ours!

I'm not sure if we'll get any more sap. I don't have covered buckets and our forecast for this week is rain, rain and more rain, so I took the buckets down for now. It's also not getting below freezing at night and so the sap isn't running very fast. If we have another cold snap, I may hang the buckets back up and try for a little more syrup. But, right now, it's nice to not have sap constantly boiling in my kitchen. Although, the smell was very yummy!!

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