Monday, May 31, 2010

8 isn't enough...

This cousin's weekend has been a blast!  We've made a super slide, friendship bracelets and paper bag puppets.  We've had NERF wars, wii wars, Air Soft wars and water balloon fights.  We've dealt with allergic reactions, sunburn, rashes and scrapes and bruises.  We even managed to kill a patch of grass under the super slide.  

Cousin's Court, Cousin's Church and Cousin's Awards all began with these five days over this holiday weekend.  

It's been full....  and it's been fun but it hasn't been complete.  

You see, 8 isn't enough.  We're actually missing three of our cousins.  So this weekend hasn't been a complete Cousin's weekend.  While Clayton and Truman, who are both 1 year old, could probably care less about this cousin time, we have definitely missed 7 year old Jenna!

Next time, we'll plan a time when we can get Jenna too!!

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