Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cousin's Court is now in session....

I love it when God directly answers my prayers in ways that are above and beyond what I could ask or think!  (He does this daily and yet I still doubt Him... but that is a post for another day...).

Thursday night, my nephew had a late baseball game.  His game started late because the game before went over and it lasted late.  So, I had plenty of time to pray.  While Drew was playing catcher and his brother and cousin were watching the game, I sat in my truck where I could see the game.  In the semi-privacy of my truck, I prayed out loud for my children, my nieces and nephews.  I asked for safety for the kids and for wisdom for my Mom and I this weekend.

One of my prayers was this... "God, please help me know how to handle arguments, disputes, complaints, etc."  It's one thing to handle your own children's arguing, complaining and disputing but it's entirely another thing to handle someone else's children's.  

Friday, after school, God answered with "Cousin's Court".  I gathered everyone around to settle the dispute of which group (boys vs girls) got the front yard hose and which group got the back yard hose.  Before I knew it, we were in a session of Cousin's Court with the Honorable Aunt Heidi and Special Magistrate Grandma.  Each side was given 3 minutes to prepare their argument to be presented before the bench.  Amazingly, both sides prepared well organized arguments.  Both sides were also very receptive to idea and they had fun with it.  

The Cousin's Court idea has now carried over to other disputes and arguments and is working great.  There is a Cousin's Court list on the fridge and when someone has a dispute they want settled, they write their complaint down and when the judge can get to it we have another session of Cousin's Court.  While I'm not sure everyone is happy with the judge's decisions, I think they all feel like they at least get a chance to state their argument, complaint or dispute.

Thanks LORD for supplying me with another supernatural idea!

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