Saturday, May 08, 2010

a finalist!

To say that there was a little excitement around here this morning would be an understatement....

Emily received a package in the mail this morning and after opening it, she ran to yell through the bathroom door to me... "Mom! I was a finalist in the art contest!"

A while ago, I had posted a picture of Eric's painting that he did for a statewide calendar art contest. His picture was amazing but after we saw the winners, we knew that he was up against some amazing talent!

Eric received his painting in the mail a week or so ago. We hadn't heard anything on the girls (still haven't heard on Ellen), other than they were not the winners, so it was a fun surprise for Emily to find out that she had been a finalist. She was also excited to know that her friend from Bright Lights not only won in the 5th grade division but was also artist of the year.

It does this mom's heart good to see each of my children succeed in their own areas.

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