Friday, May 21, 2010

trust... intense, supernatural trust

Trust.... so fragile and yet so tenacious.  Trusting God sometimes takes every ounce of my being and other times it is the only thing I can do.

At times trust is quiet, peaceful, tranquil.... and other times it is chaotic, tumultuous, rowdy.

Another lesson learned on a field trip... no, perhaps, not...

Perhaps this time is my time to walk alongside... to pray for and to comfort... to share lessons learned on trust and trusting God when it is too scary to do anything else... lessons learned on previous field trips with my Master Teacher...

And while I am praying... I will pray for intense, supernatural trust... the kind of trust that is given by and upheld by the One who holds everything... the One who never changes though the earth give way and the mountains quake.

For it is the intense, supernatural trust that carries us through the unknowns that shake us to our core...

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  1. We received a phone call last evening....I can only assume it's related to this post. My heart is so heavy today and burdened. I have the praise music blaring in our house today. I heard a song on the radio today... the words were "The one who holds the world holds you in his arms!!" We're praying for God's will....healing....and comfort and peace that "transcends ALL understanding".


Thank you for your kind words!