Tuesday, May 04, 2010

why I do what I do...

It seems like God has people seeking me out to ask me questions about homeschool lately. I have to laugh at this.

It's amazing, really....
If they only knew....
So glad they don't see....
Maybe I should send them on to someone better qualified....

Seriously! I stand in awe that anyone would think that I'm qualified to answer any questions!! It's only been in the last few years that I've even known why I do what I do.

Over the years, I have struggled with the internal question..."why am I doing this?" I knew I was called to teach my children at home, just as other's are called to put their children on a school bus. It is one thing to know that you are called to do something, it's completely another thing to KNOW why you are called to do that same thing.

It's taken me years to find my purpose in homeschooling my children. A couple of years ago, I started the month of August with a huge stack of books from our local library. When Eric saw book after book on the subject of homeschooling, he said, "Isn't it a little late to be reading these books, Mom?" At that point I was totally burned out. However, that exercise in brining home all of those books taught me a big lesson... "where there is no vision, the people perish."

I began to pray that God will show me what it is that He has for our homeschool and that He would teach me how to best teach my children. I asked for a purpose for our homeschool. As always, He is faithful. He gave us direction (including giving Chad and I the same desire for our homeschool). He gave us a goal and a purpose and He has seen fit to teach my children far more than I ever dreamt!

I still doubt myself but I no longer doubt my God! When asked why I do what I do, my answer no longer waivers. I am confident in this...

~We homeschool to raise three people to love the LORD their God with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength and to love their neighbor as their self (Matthew 22:34-40). This is our greatest desire in educating our children. We could have no greater joy that to see our children walking in the truth (3 John 1:4)!

There are others who are called to this very same purpose by putting their children in the local school system. It is not my job to question God. Just as He calls one to one road, He can equally call another to another road. He is God, I am not.

All I know is that this is the reason I've done what I've done for 8 years and it is the reason I will continue to do what I do....


  1. It is so funny that you posted this because as I've gotten to know you somewhat through your posts, I've been thinking, "Hmmm... she will be a great resource in a few years if we are led to homeschool." :) Our children are only 1 and 2 so we have a few years to decide, but we are already praying for direction in this area. I have Christian friends with older kids that have done both, but I want what God wants for our family, not just what others have done. Anyway, I am so thankful for women like you who are true to their calling.

    Oh, and please know that in a couple years I may just be sending you a list of twenty questions regarding homeschooling because I am certain you have a wealth of valuable info, more than you know I'm sure! :)

  2. Love that He is God. . .I am not!

    Maybe I could get that tatooed on my forehead!



Thank you for your kind words!