Tuesday, May 25, 2010

spring pics...

One of the things I wish I were better at is taking pictures.  When Eric and Emily were little, I took pictures all of the time.  However, as soon as I added one kid into the mix... well, the camera got laid aside.

I've also been bad about having family pictures taken.  Chad's step mom has to nag me to send an updated picture.  I have two excuses reasons for letting family pictures slide.  One is the cost and the other is getting it scheduled.  

My friend, Marah, is a photographer.  This winter I was watching her new posts on facebook and was wowed with her talent and her creativity.   I scheduled a time for her to come do pictures of us in our yard in the snow.  It was so much fun and I loved the result!  And, Marah, took away my excuses reasons... she's reasonably priced and very accommodating to Chad's weird work schedule.

I loved her work enough that I've asked her to do pictures of our family each season of this year.  I can't exactly tell you why I decided to do that.  It could be that I think Eric's looks are changing as fast this year at 13 as they did his first year of life.  When Marah took our pictures last week, I still was slightly taller than Eric.  Last night, he was taller than me! (check out the one of he and I and the 13 year old eye roll!)  Maybe I wanted pictures because I'm fickle and change my hair with the wind (today it went from what you see in the pics to short short).  Maybe it's just because I'm looking at my kids these days and realizing that time is going so fast and I need to preserve some memories.  For whatever the reason,  I'm looking forward to decorating with new pictures after the fall.  

Here is a link to our spring pictures.  


  1. Amazing photos!!! Love them, but you two need to practice your kissing technique! :-)

  2. Oh my gosh Heidi! The photos are incredible!!! Your family is beautiful! Wow. Marah really captures the kids' smiles. Eric's good-naturedness... Emme's sweetness... Ellen's mischievousness... And the jumping photos at the end -- priceless! You and Chad look so happy... What an amazing keepsake. I can't wait to see the autumn photos!

    Love ya!



Thank you for your kind words!