Wednesday, June 02, 2010

oh to see what she sees and hear what she hears...

Monday night, God ushered my friend into her eternal reward.  I doubt there are many people who have lived the way she lived.  She embraced life.  She embraced marriage and motherhood.  She embraced cancer.  She lived.

Which makes me think... when you embrace the life God gives you and truly live each day for His glory, perhaps the reward is sweeter.... To hear your Savior say, "well done, good and faithful servant, welcome to your reward"... there can be no sweeter words to hear.

...To see Him face to face... to gaze into His eyes... to bow at His feet... to see His throne... to drink in His city... to hear His voice...

...oh to see and hear what Tracey can see and hear today... my heart is envious and thrilled all at the same time because I know no one who has lived giving God the glory more than her.   I can only imagine that her reward has been sweeter than she ever hoped or imagined!


  1. Heidi I'm sorry about your friend.

    You'll see her again and that is a comfort!!

  2. You know, I can so relate to this post as I'm getting ready to honor the 3-month anniversary of my best friend Sue's passing. Wow - 3 months - and not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of her, missed her, and wondered about heaven.
    Sorry about your loss. I know how hard it is.

  3. No sweeter words will ever be heard than: "Well done thou good and faithful servant!" Amen!


Thank you for your kind words!