Tuesday, June 08, 2010


It's VBS week here on the home front!

I have great memories of VBS as a kid.  Some times I went to the Vacation Bible School at the church we attended.  Other times, I went as a visitor to a friend's VBS.   For me, VBS was almost as good as camp.

Our church does not, yet, own our own building.  So, we rented one of our local parks to house VBS.  The park has a gorgeous lake view, suitable ampitheatre and great cabins to host Bible class and craft class.

We've been on a Journey To The Promised Land.  Thus far, we've learned about the sons of Israel who later became slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt.  We've met Moses and his blood brother, Aaron.  We've walked with them as they have approached Pharaoh over and over again asking him to release God's chosen people.  We've observed plagues... 9 of them to be exact....

Tomorrow the journey continues with the 10th and final plague and the night flight of the Hebrews as they left their lives of slavery in Egypt.

As it often is, as I have been writing and preparing these Bible lessons, God has taught me much more than I could possibly communicate to the kids. Today I was moved by how well they participated and answered the questions.  Praise HIM these children love Him and His WORD!!

All of these years later... I still love VBS!

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  1. I've been meaning to ask you what church you attend....


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