Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday's Fave Five...

It's Friday again... time for Friday's Fave Five with Susanne at Living To Tell The Story.

Here are my five favorite things from this week...

1) my man... seriously, he's my favorite every day.  I feel like I don't give him enough credit and enough thanks.  Yesterday I allowed my mind to get stuck on the "little things"... those things that he does that have a high probability of getting under my skin.  If I don't take those thoughts captive and surrender them at the Throne of Grace, they multiply and take over my mind and my heart.  My man is amazing and I am so blessed to journey this path with him!

2) my mom... on Wednesday, my mom took my youngest to see her Ohio cousin for a few days.  Seriously, Ellen could not sleep because of the anticipation!   Sometimes it stinks being the youngest and watching your older brother and sister go do all of the fun things that they do... I'm so thankful mom came up with a fun and special thing for Ellen to do without her siblings.

3) my kids... we are in the throws of 4H right now.  Every June is like this and every year I forget just how crazy it can get.  However, each year gets easier because the kids get older and take on more and more of the responsibility of their projects.  I love watching them use their creative talents to follow a project from start to finish... especially when they just do it and not complain!

4) Benadryl and Pepcid... I have a bee sting allergy.  It's not life threatening at this point but I do have a prescription for an epi-pen.  When my doctor gave me the script 5 years ago, he said that each time I got stung I would most likely have a stronger reaction.  So, I've lived in fear of getting stung again.... until I found out about combining Benadryl and Pepcid....

Last night I was out fixing my grape vines that were blown around by the storm and a yellow jacket brushed up against my hand and decided to let me know he was mad I was there... he stung me twice!   Thankfully Benadryl and Pepcid took care of the reaction... cheaper and easier than an epi-pen!

5) my LORD... yes, my LORD and Savior is always on my list of favorites.  And, yes, He is number one....  Today, though, I couldn't figure out how to put into words all that is stirring in my heart, so I saved this one for last.... 

My friend, Cindy, and I have a saying "How do you say thank you to the One who created it all?  There are no words!"  Seriously.. I have no words today to thank the One who knows me best and loves me unconditionally.  I have no words to thank Him for His grace, His mercy, His provisions in my life.  So, I offer Him my bruised and tattered heart... my pitiful life... my pathetic existence to be used by Him and for Him as He sees fit to glorify Himself... and I offer it again and again and again because it is all He wants...


  1. Oh I'm so glad you knew about that combo to use against the bee stings. Yellow jackets are so nasty! When we understand even the little our mind can comprehend about God it is hard to know how to thank him. It's good to enjoy all He has given us. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. my pitiful life.... I can feel with you on this one. Not that I'm sitting around having a pity party for myself or anything, but yesterday I was really struggling with how I had offended someone and hurt someone else (unintentionally) and I just told God, "I am so pitiful, what will you ever do with me?" My sinfulness has just really struck me!!

  3. I enjoyed all five of your faves today! I'll have to ask my dr about the benadryl/pepcid combo since I haven't even had any pills for years (haven't been stung for 20+ years and I forget I need something...)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Amen to giving the Lord the glory and praise! His grace and mercy boggle my mind.

    Benadryl and Pepcid. That's interesting. I'm not allergic but I'm terrified of the silly things. Bees don't bother me but wasps and hornets are crazy! LOL.


Thank you for your kind words!