Thursday, June 24, 2010

glow sticks... who knew?

Last night we had a doozy of a storm here in Northern Indiana... tornado sirens... torrential downpour... thunder... and, no electricity for 3 hours.

One of the joys of having big kids (as opposed to little people) is that sometimes they actually think on their own... and sometimes it is nothing short of amazing!  

As we were gathering items to take to the basement in response to the tornado sirens (including two not-very-willing dogs), our electricity began to blink off.... While gathering our things, we grabbed a few flashlights as well.

Once settled in our dungeon, 11 year old, Emily, says "here Mom, I grabbed my glow sticks!"  Ingenious!  Seriously, we all turned off our flashlights and grabbed and snapped a few glow sticks.  For less than $1, we all each had a couple of glow sticks in our hand... much cheaper than C or D batteries for the flashlights and just as easy to see by....

So... my plan is to go to our local dollar store and stock up on glow sticks... not only do they provide light in the darkness... they make storms more fun... who knew?

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