Thursday, June 24, 2010

new Friend Friday...

The Trendy Treehouse and The Girl Creative are teaming up to host New Friend Fridays... so I thought I'd jump in and introduce myself to a few new blogging friends.

... and, yes, I do know that this is the fourth post today.... 

This is what happens to me when I get some time at home, some "me time" and a nap... I start reclaiming areas of my world that have been neglected... today I worked on reclaiming my bedroom, the camper, the kitchen and my blog.   

Feels good!

I'm off to visit a few new friends...


  1. Hi from NFF! Thanks for stopping by. And 4 posts today! Wow you are like some kinda blogging maniac today! You go girl!

  2. Post as much as you want. My husband often says, "Aren't you going to blog today?" And I say, "Not when I did it six times yesterday." LOL!

    New follower from New Friend Friday!


Thank you for your kind words!