Sunday, June 06, 2010

an incredible ending to Sabbath...

Though we've gotten into the swing of starting our weekly Sabbath, we haven't mastered the art of ending it.  Usually, the end gets lost in Sunday chaos or we wake up Monday morning to a new week.

One of my goals is to add an ending to our Sabbath celebration.  Something that marks another time of family worship to usher in the week.   Something to again remind us of the gift of a day of rest.  Something more to look forward to for the next Sabbath celebration.

Tonight we had just the thing... a cookout with brauts and hot dogs... chips and lemonade... marshmallows and s'mores... and lots and lots of fun and laughter.

We tried different ways to roast our marshmallows... daddy's way...

or Grandma's way...

another Sabbath done... a mom refreshed... a family renewed... thank you LORD for the gift of rest!

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