Sunday, June 13, 2010

seeing grace...

I've had the privilege of seeing grace...

~grace lived out as a friend of mine awaits a lumpectomy and is now awaiting the pathology report.... living life trusting in One greater than she who has a plan bigger than hers... gracefully honoring Him and allowing others to minister to her.

~grace personified as I watch a friend allow people to do a fund-raising car wash to offset the medical bills of her cancer treatment... graciously ministering at the car wash to the very people working the car wash for her... two days post chemo with a smile on her face and joy in her heart.

~grace defined by a friend who often says "when I fail you, please forgive me because I will fail you... just so you know."  I've decided I want this t-shirt.  I want to give grace that way and receive grace that way... because we all fail each other every single day....

~grace in action this morning as I go to my man during our worship time at church and have to say (for the ten zillionth time) "I'm sorry" and I hear "I forgive you and I love you" (for the ten zillionth time as well)...

~grace... it's what makes living this wretched life with other sinners worthwhile

My prayer tonight is that I would give grace in more measure than I expect to receive it from others.  Though even asking this prayer is hard, I pray that You would fill me with the grace I need to keep my mouth shut, my heart open and my knees bent.
Thank you Jesus!


  1. Thank you, I need that prayer too!

  2. I needed that also. Thank you! Your blogs are very uplifting.

  3. Heidi, that was beautiful. Grace is what saves us. It is what we all so desperately need should willingly give...just as it has been given to us!
    Thanks for the uplift! I needed it!


Thank you for your kind words!