Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sabbath rest

Tonight will mark our 8th family Sabbath Celebration, and I'm not sure I've needed one more than I need tonight.  

I'm tired... plain ol' worn out... seems like we've had more crazy days than normal around here.

I'm drained... I put the finishing touches on VBS late this morning.  In two days, we will embark on 5 day Journey to the Promised Land.  Writing always drains me.  There is something incredible about leaving it all on paper and walking away completely drained.

I'm spent... emotionally this has been a tough week in more ways than one... an emotionally charged week with high peaks and low dips.

I'm craving rest.  I'm starving for some quiet time at His feet where He will faithfully refresh and renew my soul, my spirit, my heart... through some Sabbath rest.


  1. We would LOVE to have any shoes you can find, but I also know you have a busy week with VBS coming up. So just let us know when you've had a chance to get them around and we'll swing by. I don't want to inconvenience you.... Thanks again.

  2. thanks mom for sabbeth ily


Thank you for your kind words!