Tuesday, October 25, 2011

surrendering preconceptions... day 25

preconception... a preconceived idea or notion

Let's face it... I had a lot of preconceived ideas and notions BEFORE I had children.  I read the books.  I listened to the CDs (yes, Eric, they had CDs then...).  I just KNEW how MY children would behave.  For instance...

my child will never throw a fit in WalMart

my child will never eat gum off the street

my child will never throw food on the floor

my child will always be a respectful teenager and will never flick his hair out of his face

my child will always say "yes please" and "no thank you"

...and on... and on... and on...

and then reality came... in the form of 3 sinful people who all have the same first initial.

Long about the time that I realized that all of my preconceived ideas and notions were far out in left field, I got a sweet note from a friend.  She is a mom of five!  I wisely assumed that anyone who was rearing 5 children probably had at least a little wisdom to share.  In Becki's case... a lot of wisdom. 

God uses our children for our own sanctification.

Becki's note all those years ago was the beginning of me learning to surrender my notions.  I am a much better mom when I don't have preconceived ideas of how my kids should act or be.  Without preconceptions, I can accept them for who they are, not who I think they should be.

Yes, MY children did all those things I mentioned and more.  Yes, my preconceptions have been mostly wrong.

... and, yes, I'm learning to surrender those notions and embrace reality.

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