Tuesday, October 04, 2011

the start of surrender...day 4

"If God gave me the choice of 
still being pregnant with Matthew 
and delivering him safe and healthy or 
leaving Matthew safe in His arms
and keeping all that I've learned about
my Savior,
I'd choose to leave Matthew with Him
and be grateful for all He has taught me."

Those really are the words I spoke to a friend just a few weeks after burying our stillborn son, Matthew... over 9 years ago.   

Although I didn't know it, surrendering my stillborn son was the beginning of a journey.  A journey of learning to surrender all into His care... to turn all my ups and downs, all my hurts and pains, all my gifts and talents, all of my future and all of my past over to the One who knows me best.

It's not been an easy journey, nor has it always been joyful.  The journey is not finished, nor will it be until I see Him face to face.  However, it has been a wonderful journey of learning to let go and let Him work in me.  

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