Thursday, October 20, 2011

surrendering my inconveniences... day 20

We sat in rapt attention... all 3000 0f us.  She who we came to hear entertained us with a monologue she had written some years before.  She titled it "Table For One."

Waiter, this is a problem!  These potatoes are lumpy.

She spoke of a woman who entered a restaurant one evening and asked for a table for one.  While she waited for her food she over heard an irate customer badgering the server for smoother potatoes.

Dey beat my fazer in de street.  Dat waz a problem....
Her potatoes are an inconvenience.

With perfect voice inflections, she continued the monologue with a conversation between the woman at the table for one and an elderly Jewish woman from Germany sitting at a neighboring table... a woman permanently scarred, rubbing her death camp tattoo.  

Dey separated my sester and I, 
 one day my sester did not come to the fence to see me.
Dey told me she was dead.
Dat waz a problem....
Her potatoes are an inconvenience.

As Donna VanLiere walked across the stage in front of me, acting the part of three woman, I sat and pondered.  I am that woman who makes an issue of lumpy potatoes.  I am the woman who knows many inconveniences and few problems.  I am that obnoxious woman.

So much of last weekend's Extraordinary Women conference spoke to my heart.  I heard it through the filter of my struggle to surrender.  Saturday morning, my heart heard Donna VanLiere say...

Many things are inconveniences...
not so many things are problems.

... in my surrender journey, I discovered there is a difference between the two.

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