Saturday, October 15, 2011

surrendering her weekend... day 15

Once upon a time, there was a mom who loved her kids very much.  She did much to show her kids how much she loved them.  Every ball game she was on the sidelines... every recital she was in the audience... and every school program she documented with her camera.  And in fourteen years, she had not missed a moment.

One day, this mom had to make a choice.  You see, her son was chosen... given a moment to shine... an opportunity of a life time.  The mom had other plans.  She had planned a weekend for herself... time away with a life long friend... time to refresh with family.  A girls weekend away.  But he needed her.  He needed her to be with him for this moment in time... his moment in time.  

Oh how this mom loved this teenage boy... this man-child growing up right in front of her eyes.  The decision was made years ago.  She would surrender her weekend to embrace his. She would give up her moment away to give him her time.  She would stand on the sidelines and cheer for him.  She would be in the audience when he was recognized and she would document it all through her lens.

And on this weekend when her mom and sisters are without her at Extraordinary Women 2011, she will love her son.

And, while he may not remember what she surrendered to watch him play varsity starting center as a freshman, and he may quickly forget her sacrifice to see him in the homecoming court... he will never forget that she was there... and that she loves him very much.

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  1. Hi! I am a friend of Gabe's. What a sweet post you wrote here. So nice to meet you!


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