Friday, October 07, 2011

laying it down or waving the white flag... day 7

Is true surrender the act of willingly laying down that which I am giving up?  Is it readily handing over that which I gladly hand to Him?


Is true surrender the waving of the proverbial white flag... a torn, stained, battered rag while I am barely holding on to the flagpole?  Is it a last-ditch effort of acquiescence? 

In this sinful, war-torn world in which we live, I think it's both.  

Surrender is sometimes me gladly handing over something to the One I trust the most. With joyful heart and willing spirit I give to Him that which He asks.... and, I don't look back.

While that is a true definition in my world "sometimes", the truer definition... or at least the definition that happens most often... is me waving my white flag in defeat.  I don't surrender easily... nor do I give up joyfully and willingly.... and, I often look back.

The most amazing part of this story is not the clarification of the definition of surrender.  Instead, it is that my God accepts both actions from me.  He wants me to hand over my life to Him... willingly, gladly, joyfully.  However, when I come to Him in a crumbled heap of a mess with a war torn and stained white flag, He accepts me then too.

I've spent too much time trying to righteously self-righteously determine a proper definition of the idea of surrender.  I have worried more about the meaning of the idea than of the idea, itself.  I have spent more time defining and less time surrendering.  

The correct answer is ... all of the above... and more.

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