Monday, October 24, 2011

surrendering the noise... day 24

At times, my world is loud... really, really LOUD.

... take yesterday for example.  This is the noise that invades my world on any given Sunday from August~the first Sunday in February...



go! go! go! go!

GET him!

NO. WAY.  That was pass interference!

Honestly, I don't mind the NFL Sunday noise.  In fact, I'm often right in the mix... yelling and screaming at the TV... high fiving all those around.  It's the noise of a family enjoying the afternoon... each one watching their Fantasy Football players... and the running commentary of which Fantasy Football team is leading.

It's the noise outside the walls of my house that really gets to me.  I used to think it was something I just had to live with... something out of my control.

In this journey of 31 Days of Surrender, I've been reading my sister's journey 31 Days to Listen.  I'm realizing that I'm a lousy listener.  I listen just long enough to quiet the noise but not long enough to hear anything.  

What if I were to surrender the noise?  
Would I then have the energy to listen?  
What then?
Would I actually hear those around me?

I'm coming to the conclusion that much of the noise in my world can be surrendered.  I can stop dwelling on the naysayers and the complainers.  I can structure my days so that I am not weighed down with so many responsibilities.  I can free up my schedule so that the noise of deadlines and commitments doesn't drown out the voices of Chad, Eric, Emily and Ellen.

When I surrender the outside noise, I can hear the voice of a 14 year old boy and a 12 year old girl work compromise on an issue rather than fighting it out.  When I listen with less noise, I have the energy to hear a very tired child who had a huge weekend.  When I surrender the noise around me, I hear a man who complains little, say... "I'm bothered by this, can you help me work through it?"

When I surrender the noise in my world.. I hear those I love.

linking up with Gabe as I learn to listen more...

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