Saturday, April 24, 2010

small talk six

Momdot has a Saturday meme called Small Talk Six. This week's topic is "rise and shine." Here are the first 6 things I do when I get up...

1) go to the bathroom
2) go out to the kitchen
3) turn off lamp in hallway that stays on all night
4) let dog out
5) talk with Ellen, 6, who is watching PBS kids
6) check email... I know, pathetic but true!


  1. I think a bathroom stop should be #1 for everyone!

  2. I love how your morning starts out!!!
    Thanks for your kind words this morning, crazy times just give God more room to show his awesome work. :O)

  3. How fun!
    I wake up to either the dog licking my face...always fun...or a child hopping in to cuddle.
    Bathroom calls...includes toilet, contacts and bra and most times a toothbrush.
    By this time someone is screaming my name to feed them, brush their hair, find their socks, he hit me...etc.
    I eat
    Say prayers
    Kick my kids out the door.
    Yours sounds so much more relaxing. Can I come stay?


Thank you for your kind words!