Friday, April 09, 2010

the journey....

It's taken living with Chad for almost 16 years for me to really learn to love the journey more than the destination. Slowly, but very surely, I've changed. I lived the first part of my life always in a hurry to get to where I was going. Often, only to be disappointed that the destination was less than I expected. I'm so thankful that my loving Savior paired this Type A personality with Chad (who incidentally is a passive/aggressive...makes for some interesting times, sometimes!).... as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17). Now, these years later, I truly love the journey more than the destination.

Highlights of this birthday/anniversary journey thus far...

Port Washington, WI...breakfast at Harry's. Amazing! Had never heard of an Oatmeal Sundae but ohhhh.... soooooo.... good! Try it sometime (hot oatmeal, scoop of vanilla ice cream and raspberries on top!).

.... climbed the 105 steps to get up to see the Port Washington Lighthouse and the keeper was there and gave us a spontaneous tour.

Iron Mountain, MI... stood at the bottom of the Pine Mountain Ski Jump. The Olympians at the Vancouver Olympics made ski jumping look easy... however, standing at the bottom of the jump, I decided anyone who even tries this sport is certifiably crazy!

... in Iron Mountain, we also had our first taste of a UP favorite, the pasty. I think pasties are indigenous to the UP. They are a type of meat pie that are very tasty.

Crystal Falls, MI... found The Listening Inn online and decided to give it a try. In one word... tranquil! Carol and Les are amazing B&B hosts and they have an incredible log home and farm. Buddy, their old black lab, took us on a walk through parts of their groomed cross-country ski trails. The serene quiet will probably draw us back to visit Buddy, Les and Carol again.

Big Bay, MI... I love Lake Superior! If I could live any where in the world, it would be on the UP shores of this fabulous body of water. So, for tonight, I'm living right here, in a lighthouse, no less! Big Bay Lighthouse is actually a working lighthouse that is also a B&B. The rumor on the street is that it is for sale and so if you are even slightly considering a trip up here, I would definitely recommend doing it soon!

One of the joys of loving the journey more than the destination is that you find humor a lot more often! We have had a blast wandering, discovering and laughing our way up to Lake Superior...

...there is much more peace and joy in the journey than in the destination!

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  1. Hello Heidi, Thanks for popping into my blog :)
    Oh I am on a quest for a butter churn, the Jar ones, son likes to make butter but is tired of the Jar and Nickle lol


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