Monday, April 26, 2010

being real...

Been struggling through how real to be on my blog and on facebook lately. Seems like "real" always comes back to bite me in the behind, especially when I try to be "real" to people....

It amazes me, though, the way God uses people in my life. I would truly like to write off all of mankind, at times. However, the body of Christ is such an amazing thing! He uses blogging friends, who are sisters in Christ, but whom I've yet had the chance to meet face-to-face have encouraged me in my journey toward Christ-likeness.

Just today, bloggy friend, Jess, encouraged me with these words on facebook...
God's got a whole mess of conviction going on in this heart of mine - His Holy Spirit is active - it's inside of me, not outside of me. ;)

Suffice it to say there was much more to the conversation between Jess and me. I needed her reminder that the Holy Spirit is active in my heart doing a lot of convicting and changing of me. He seems to have it all under control and He doesn't seem to need the help of others who think they are "helping."

Sometimes I get caught up in the convictions that others think I should have and I fail to listen to the One who whispers to convict my heart.

Oh that to Him only I would be real!


  1. Heidi, the L:ysol whipes work Great :)

  2. Maybe the problem is that others aren't "real" themselves. . .

    I often find the most judgemental people to be those who rarely show their true selves.


  3. Hi Heidi,
    I just joined "The Mom Blogs" website and came across your blog. I immediately got sucked in with this first post I read. I can certainly identify with getting caught up in the convictions others think I should hold. Anyway, I will definitely be "following" you. I'm still relatively new to the world of blogging, but check me out sometime at
    Take care,

  4. If this were facebook, I would want to hit like about 14 times. :)

    I agree that it is difficult to know just how real to be in an open forum. I don't really enjoy a blog or real life people for that matter that everything always looks perfect. Life is messy, but it's all funny and thought provoking and full of the unexpected. Working that all together is complicated, right?


Thank you for your kind words!