Saturday, November 13, 2010

snapshot view of our week...

Amy is hosting a fun blog linky.  Join in and show your week in snapshots....
I'm really not very good at remembering to take pictures.  So my week stops at Wednesday because that is the last day I took a picture... I think I need to work on this!

It was "store" day in children's church. The kids earn "bucks" by memorizing
Scripture and then they can spend their "bucks" on the first Sunday of every month.

getting to know the newest member of the family

a day at home with a dead truck battery leads to
a clean laundry room!
...friends at the library... a fun surprise!

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  1. Yay! thanks for doing this with me! it really is a great way to remember the small moments that don't really fit in anywhere else for documenting sake :) I'm looking forward to seeing all my ss posts over a whole year... sure doesn't seem like almost a whole year has passed since I started!


    amy in peru


Thank you for your kind words!