Saturday, November 13, 2010

gratitude challenge day 13... blogging friends and neighbors...

This may seem like a funny post for Brenda's Gratitude Challenge but I couldn't resist a day of thanking all of you who faithfully read my blog... leave me comments reminding that you are praying for us... and those of you who have prayed for my family this month.  I've posted a lot this month and I think there are those who read every single post I write.  Thank you!!

Last night I was reading through blogs that I follow and came across one that I usually enjoy immensely.  This blogger is a Christian homeschool mom.  I enjoy reading the stories filled with antics of her kids, seeing her incredible pictures (she is a talented photographer) and  listening to her heart as she shares what God is doing in her life.  

However, instead of being entertained or challenged reading last night, I found myself with a heavy heart for this Christian sister.  Her blog is one that I would consider a "mega-blog".  She has a TON of followers and unfortunately, her followers are less than kind.  The comments I read last made my heart hurt for her.  This isn't the first time that I have read unkind, snarky and just plain mean comments on her blog.

This is where you come in....  Thank you all for your kindnesses, prayers and love to me.  One of the greatest blessings this blog has brought me is the friendships of other bloggers.  Most recently, the friendship of bloggers who are also joining in with Brenda's gratitude challenge.  If we weren't all busy with life, kids, homeschool, etc., I would invite you all over for coffee or tea and a chance to get to know each other even better. 

So, today I am so very grateful for the other bloggers God has brought into my life. I am so thankful to you and for you.  I've never experienced what this other blogger experiences. Thank you for your kind comments and your prayers for our family!!


  1. Oh, I love you Heidi, my blogging friend! :) Reading your posts makes my heart smile.

  2. I never understand why people feel the need to put down others. It's even worse when Christians tear down other sisters in Christ. It truly makes my heart ache. :(

    I am grateful for those who don't get sucked into the muck and instead seek to lift others up.

  3. :)

    hey if you do decide to do a summary... don't worry about 'following rules' or having to have a picture for every day, do it your way and just enjoy the fact that you're documenting the small stuff ;)

    I appreciate bloggy friends a lot too! thanks for being one ;)

    amy in peru

  4. I guess some people's parents didn't teach them the same rule we had in our house. "If you haven't got anything positive to add, then it's best to keep quiet."

    I love a good debate, but personal attacks are never acceptable. (and why would anyone follow a blog that made them feel mean and snarky? I don't have that kind of time!!)

    I have a teeny, tiny blog, and I am like you... I love that the comments are positive and uplifting.

  5. Some people are always looking for an argument. I am new to blogging and I really enjoy reading what others have to say.(when I have time)

  6. Ah, you post made me smile and the gave me poochy lip and then gave me a smile again!

    I am so sorry for your blogging friend. Some people... grrr, there's not words to say about them that would be good so that's where I zip my lip!

    Very thankful for you, my blogging friend! You are such a positive person that it's difficult to look at things negatively when I read what you have to say.

  7. I've seen comments like that too. I feel for the blog owner. Most of the time, it is sooo uncalled for.


Thank you for your kind words!