Sunday, November 14, 2010


carmex.jpg To say that I love Carmex lip balm would be a bit of an understatement.  I've used Carmex lip balm for many, many years.  Each year my mom would give us each a jar of Carmex in our stockings on Christmas morning.  I can remember being thrilled when Carmex came out with their lip balm in a tube... no more sticking my finger in the jar to apply it.

Today, while visiting my blogging friend, SisterTipster, I found out that Carmex also has a line of healing lotion and cream.  Honestly, this excites me!  I would love to try their hand cream this winter when my hands are dry and cracked.

So, I'm posting this to enter SisterTipster's giveway and hopefully win a basket full of great Carmex products!  

Check out her giveaway for yourself!

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  1. I remember using the little ceramic jars of them too. My mom always, always, always had them in her purse and I just was fascinated with them! Hope you win!


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