Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gratitude challenge day 11... peace...

One of the things I'm learning through Brenda's gratitude challenge is to recognize many things... big and small... for which I am grateful.  I'm hoping that by completing this month of daily gratitude, I will begin to develop a new habit of consciously noticing things and thanking my God for them... on a daily basis.

Today... I am grateful for PEACE... God's peace... the kind of peace that can not explained in any other way than to give God the credit for it.  

...Thank You LORD for your peace in my life.  Thank You for calming my fears... for answering prayers in amazing ways... for changing my heart. Thank You for surrounding me... in front, from behind, from the left, underneath, from the right and above my head with your peace that passes all understanding!  Thank You for taking this broken and scarred vessel and filling it with peace that can only come from You!  Once again, I stand in awe of You!!

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