Monday, January 30, 2012

fear, grace, FREE Kindle app...and a GIFT for you!

It is impossible to give thanks
and simultaneously feel fear.
A. Voskamp (1000 Gifts, pg 203)

So much of my life has been wasted caving to fear... fear of the unknown and fear of people's reaction to me.  Both have been an incredible waste of time... and a stronghold of Satan on my heart.  

He's the master liar.  For years and years and years I didn't know this was his stronghold...  I believed his lies over God's truth.  

I am the way,
the truth,
and the life.
John 14:6

Somewhere along this journey called life, I even bought the lie that fear was more comfortable than freedom.  So, I stayed in my fear.

Then you will know
the truth and the truth
will set you free.
John 8:32

Until I sought freedom.  I didn't know when I took Ann's challenge and started counting gifts that I would be changed so.  I had put limits on His grace, and didn't even realize I had done it.   I didn't know His grace was THAT sufficient.  I didn't realize His grace would change me in ways I never knew need changing.

I've counted above and beyond 1000 in my quest to develop an attitude of gratitude.  In that journey, He has changed me above and beyond 1000 different ways. 

Most recently... by guiding me to let go of my fear of rejection and pursue a life long dream of publication.   He guided and I finally followed.  Not only did He guide, He taught.   He taught and I finally learned. 

When I clicked the last button on Saturday, I was sitting in the kitchen of my friend, Rachelle... gratefully using her super fast, unlimited wi/fi.  And, when completed all the steps to independently publish a book, I clicked the last button "publish" and I lifted my hands in gratitude.   

No fear,
just awe!

Last night, I reread parts of 1000 Gifts, and Ann's words jumped off the page...

It is impossible to give thanks
and simultaneously feel fear.
A. Voskamp (1000 Gifts, pg 203)

the grace gift list grows...

... for His guiding
... knowing I am upheld
... and carried
... and covered by Him

... free indie publishing
... pursing a goal
... friend's free wi/fi
... fellowship around a computer downloading files
... joint praise and worship and gratitude

... his first dance
... a friend who loans size 14 dress shoes
... and dress pants long enough
... and a shirt and tie
... a "date" who was the perfect one for a first dance

... his prayer over me
... his hand that reaches for mine 
... his warmth
... his companionship
... his understanding of this mess called me

for now, this novel... only available as an eBook.   

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... and for friends who love me enough to support this endeavor.

thank you!