Thursday, January 05, 2012

on sunrises, taxis and do-overs...

Isn't this gorgeous?  It's how God woke me up today.  

I spent the first minutes of my day in a dazed stupor.  It's taxi day and I drove Chad to work  in the dark sipping on a hot cup of coffee.  Later, I finished the cup driving Emme to school. But, it wasn't until I got ready to take Eric to school for his late start today that I saw this sunrise and really woke up.  

I woke up to God... and how good He is.  I woke up to the goodness around me.  I noticed the deep colors of His artwork and I thanked Him for the opportunity to have a few last minutes with Eric before school.  Those few last minutes turned into precious conversation of my son sharing a sliver of his heart and his thoughts these days.  I drove away in awe of the little bit of trust he had in me this morning and his willingness to open up to his mother.

Most days I resent this taxi job... just yesterday, I resented that I sat in the parking lot of the high school for an hour waiting for Eric to finish weight lifting.  What I didn't know was that the hurdles coach had come over and was working with Eric for track this spring.  I simply reacted to the intrusion on my time.  By the time the kid stuck his head in the truck and said, "got any food?" instead of "thanks for waiting, Mom!"  I really reacted.   I hate reacting!

I feel as though the sunrise and the extra taxi-ing this morning was an opportunity for a do-over.  This is how He woke me.  He stirred in me the desire to wake up... see the opportunities and seize the taxi sign as a chance to connect with my kids.  

I need more sunrises to awaken my soul and more do-overs with my family.