Saturday, January 21, 2012

at the end of a day...

This was what greeted me at the beginning of my day today... I wish I could have captured the sparkle of the snow. beautimous {some days just need made-up words}!

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of work I can do at home... if I simply stay home.  It's such a simple concept, I know.  However, it is one that I forget from time to time.  

often I need a reminder or two

So... today while Chad and Emme were out shoveling 8 driveways  for money to return to Guatemala in April, I managed... 

~to do 4.7 loads of laundry 
(washed, dried, folded, put-away... 
except for the last load of jeans 
that is still sitting in the dryer)

~to make a double batch of Chex Mix...
which, of course, is mostly gone now

~to send pre-publication manuscript
to some favorite bloggers for
their review

~to make two complete batches of granola bars...
and cut and wrap them 
and store them in the freezer for 
next week's lunches

~to assign chores and see that they were
mostly completed,
which means the house was about
69% clean today

~to make a batch of bosco sticks
wrapped and frozen and ready
for lunches next week

~to send manuscript via email to
yes... seriously! 
thankfully not too serious of a mistake

~to make a batch of turkey and cheese minis
wrapped and frozen and ready
for lunches next week

~to make yummy potato soup for supper...
not quite as good as my friend, Anne's,
but super close

~to make rolls to go with said soup

~to take Emme to girl's Bible study
and not run into the snow plow
that was taking 2/3 of the road

and at the end of a day like that...

~to cuddle up on the couch to watch
with my courageous man

a great ending to a productive day!