Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a little NFL fun..

Since I love football, especially NFL and the Superbowl is in Indy this year, I thought maybe this Indiana native {I am NOT a Hoosier} would entertain you with a little NFL fun.

I sat with my man and the mancub tonight and this mom rocked the game!  Only missed four... let me know if you top me.

This was in the latest edition of our electric company's newsletter.  Enjoy!  Answers will be posted later.

I'll even give you a clue to get you started... once again, my beloved Colts are on the bottom!


See how many of the 32 NFL teams you can identify from these playful clues.  Some are pretty out of bounds.  Good luck!

1) Played with Bennie
2) Inattentive sunbathers
3) $1 for corn
4) Midnight snackers
5) Insect-sized soldiers
6) Fed-Ex Competitors
7) They "go marching in"
8) Little male mooers
9) Marine bird
10) Quothed "nevermore"
11) Seven squared
12) Indian leaders
13) Electric co-op power lines
14) Spotless leopards
15) Trained birds of prey
16) Barbies 1959 Cadillac
17) Disturbances by Summerall, Riley and McAfee
18) Rules not to break
19) Fast, sporty and spotty
20) Trinidad drummers
21) Quick communicators
22) Kings of the jungle
23) Franklin's lady friends
24) Guests at the Hotel California
25) Fathers of the gods
26) Windpipes
27) Streakers
28) Loaders
29) IOUs
30) Six Rulers
31) Ewes' mates
32) Frisky foals