Monday, January 03, 2011

on being THAT mom...

I'm THAT mom... again.

I have a million and one random thoughts bogging down my brain right now... and, the one thought that keeps surfacing is this...
I am THAT mom

Once again... God is making me face my own judgmental attitude.  Once again, He is causing me to do what I said I would NEVER do.  Once again, He has me eating my own words... 

and I wish I would remember how bitter judgmental and ungraceful words taste

Oh to learn this lesson once and for all.  I think the years have taught me to be less judgmental.... less ungracious... less prideful... however, I've only learned less... not zero!  One would think that the bitter taste would leave such an unpleasant residue that I would remember... would think.

How is it that I've never been called upon to eat sweet words of kindness... of grace... of mercy?  Is it because I don't say them much or is it because when I say words that are edifying... uplifting... God-honoring I am doing as I am instructed by my Creator and don't need the not-so-gentle reminder of eating my own words?

I'm thinking that it doesn't matter why I don't have to eat them... what matters is how sweet they taste leaving my mouth and uplifting another.   

If I concentrate on sweet, uplifting words that edify... I won't find myself being THAT mom that I judged so harshly... and I won't have this nasty aftertaste!

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