Sunday, January 23, 2011

if these walls could speak...

Quiet now... silence... peace.  For all the times I long for peace and quiet, I'm missing what was.  I'm missing my nieces and nephews... my sisters and brothers... my man and my kids. I'm missing what was just here this weekend.

This time I stayed behind, by myself, for a few days.  I love this place.  I love being at the lake winter or summer.  I love the memories made here....

If these walls, here in the silence, could speak you would hear of fun, laughter, cousin time galore... hours spent playing Wii or American Girls... long moments soaking up the snuggles of the newest member of the family.  The wall with the painted on blackboard will tell you of hours of chalk drawings, games of tic-tac-toe and messy sponge baths from 5 year olds.  The other hallway walls would mention spontaneous football or basketball games, corn hole tournaments and jump rope competitions.  The closet-under-the-stairs walls would whisper stories of late night sleepovers and dress up parties.  And, not to be left out, I'm sure the other walls would regal you with stories of their own... lots of Christmas and birthday parties, more food than imaginable, uproarious fun.

It's all here... and in the silence I hear it... and until the next time... I miss it.

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