Friday, January 21, 2011


Deep in January a -15 wind chill this morning when I drove the man to work and the man-cub to school.  A cold, hard seat woke me up.  Kinda a rude awakening, I think.

I've been contemplating hibernation this morning.  I think I could be easily convinced to hibernate.  I mean... eating and then sleeping... how great would that be?   Especially in the dark of January under a down comforter..... zzzzzzzzzzz

Just as I share this contemplation over the phone with my friend, Ginger, I notice the bright and orange... the warmth of the sun shining over the tree tops.  The sun!  That bright globe in the sky that hasn't been seen around here for a few weeks.  And, just like that, my sleepy senses are aroused... intrigued by the glow... warmed by the light.

Much like God, I think... often I find my senses dulled... my body tired... my heart approaching hibernation... when bright and warm His grace fills my world.  He awakens me with the gift of sunshine and arouses my mediocrity with the glow of His love... His mercy... His grace.

... and in my awakened spirit... hibernation is kept at bay....

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