Tuesday, September 21, 2010

crumbling walls...

I'm currently working through Beth Moore's Breaking Free Bible study.  I've finished the homework for the first week.  It's been awesome and awful... all at the same time.  

I know that this is going to be the kind of in depth Bible study that quakes my heart and crumbles walls that I've carefully erected.  It is also the type of study that makes me dig deep and face strongholds in my heart and life.  It's awesome because the God I know and love crumbles the walls in my heart like he tumbled the walls of Jericho.  It's equally awful because I am facing walls that need to come tumbling down and strongholds that need to release my heart.  

At our first Bible study meeting last week, I bravely prayed silently that my LORD would show me strongholds that I have allowed in my heart that are holding me back from complete freedom and reckless abandon.  My heart has been heavily weighed down with "stuff" that I couldn't quite recognize and articulate.  I needed the Holy Spirit to intervene. 

He is always, Always, ALWAYS faithful.  He is also gracious, loving and kind.  Slowly and kindly He is revealing those things that are weighing me down.  Things that I've let creep in until roots have taken hold and walls have grown up.  Honestly, it's ugly stuff... heavy stuff... 

I'm looking forward to the day the strongholds are gone... supernaturally removed forever.  I'm looking forward to the day my heart weighs much less.  I'm looking forward to crumbled walls.


  1. Beth Moore's studies are quite good. I've never attended an actual group study, but I've heard that they are wonderful as they hold you accountable. (I've done a few studies on my own.)

    May God bless you as you go through this process.

  2. I can empathize with how you feel. Breaking Free was the hardest bible study I ever did, but it was life changing. Press on and you will not regret it. God has an amazing blessing of freedom awaiting you if you let Him work in your innermost places.


Thank you for your kind words!