Monday, September 06, 2010

a beautiful picture...

Isn't this a beautiful picture?  

Well... maybe it just is to me.  Perhaps all you see is a messy table with four chairs squeezed around it.  Or maybe you noticed the dirty plate with the banana peel or the box of colored pencils in the center of the table.  You may have even noticed that Ellen was paying much more attention to the camera than to what was actually taking place.

This picture is all of that and so much more...

...see that book in Eric's hands?  It's actually his Bible.  

...if you look closely at the book Emme's reading you may notice it is her Bible.

...see that pink and green book on the floor?  It's Ellen's Bible (she had just put it down to make room for her assignment).

...if you look to the left, you will notice a guy with a really, REALLY, short hair cut.  Look to his left and you'll see his Bible. 

...what you can't see under the pile of books at the center of the picture is my Bible, temporarily buried under a Bible atlas and a 3 ring binder.

...this is a picture of our daily Bible study.

After nine years of trial and error with our home school, we are actually studying the Bible together each morning before we start our traditional school work.   We've never done this before this school year... and now 11 days in to it, I can't remember why we've haven't.  School is much more enjoyable after prayer and time in the Word!

And, today, we opted to do school on Labor Day so that Dad could join us in our Bible study.  

Our time was so beautiful...

I just had to take a picture!


  1. Beautiful indeed and I didn't even notice the banana until you mentioned it ;)

  2. This is so wonderful, and what a blessing this picture will be to you years from now. Feasting on HIs Word first really is strength for everything else a day holds. May God richly bless this time together!

  3. So PRECIOUS! I'm glad I found this old post -- it encourages me greatly.


Thank you for your kind words!