Tuesday, July 13, 2010

was lost... now found!

Dontcha just love it when lost items turn up in the most unexpected places?  Take our camera, for instance.  Seriously, who would have ever expected it to be in the mom's purse?  Really!?  So, now if I can just find my brain....

Now that the camera is found, safe and sound, here are a few dog show pictures of Emily and Ebony...
This is the beginning of Ebony's showmanship class...for this event, the 4H students had to be dressed up 

I hate that this picture is blurry but I think it's a great picture of Emily and Ebony in action.

Here the judge is checking Ebony over and asking Emily questions.  Since Ebony is not a pure breed dog and this is not an actual AKC dog show, the judge simply checked to make sure that Emily takes care of Ebony.

This is Emily and Ebony showing in obedience class.  The 4H kids were allowed to change into shorts and their club shirts for this class.  Ebony placed 2nd in the class!

This is Emily and Ebony (in the background) entering the outside ring for the agility class, 2nd place again!

I wish this picture wasn't blurry... (at this point I had almost totally drained the camera battery) but I love this look on Emme's face.  She was having such a great time!

I'll post more fair pictures tomorrow.  I don't claim to be a photographer but I love taking pictures of my kids having fun here at the fair.

Last night, I hired my friend, Marah, to take our summer family pictures here at the fair.  We had so much fun!  You can check out a sneak peek on her blog...

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