Saturday, July 17, 2010

still waiting to out grow it...

It is said that wisdom comes with age... I'm beginning to think there are some things you never out grow.

For instance, my man has never out-grown his need for an occasional road trip and I haven't out-grown my love of children's books.  So, today, we sent the kids on to friends' homes and took a quick road trip to buy my girls' school curriculum used through Craig's List.

We were blessed to have our road trip take us to Saugatuck, MI.  I know there will be those that read this post who have never seen Michigan's West Coast.  Honestly, next to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the west coast of Michigan is my favorite place on earth and Saugatuck is a beautiful little town right on the coast.

I had visions of splendor this morning thinking of our trip.  Why is it that time seems to speed up while one is on vacation?  There was no way I was going to be able to get everything on my list done because time seemed to go in hyper-speed today.  We didn't do nearly all that I wanted to do and we still were VERY late picking the girls up this afternoon.

We did get what we went for, though... and I am thrilled with the books.  On the way home, I was contentedly riding along thankful for a little day of relaxing when I decided to use Chad's phone to look up a Sonic Drive-In... I forgot that there are some things you never outgrow...

I remember so many times getting car sick as a kid and my mom would reassure me that some day I would outgrow this affliction.  Well... 41 years later, I still get car sick.  Ugghh!!  and while the majority of the time of our road trip sped by... the last hour seemed like a 100 hours.

I'd love to never out-grow my love of children's books but I could be really happy to out-grow being car sick!

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