Thursday, July 08, 2010

and on the agenda for today...

 Sixteen years ago, I made a basket.  I loved weaving it... watching it develop into something usable and beautiful.  Unfortunately for me, the class I took was the last class offered.

All of these years later, I've lamented that I don't know anyone who could teach me how to make a basket...

... until today!


  1. Oh, oh!!! How wonderfully exciting, H!!
    That is a GORGEOUS basket! Is that the one you made? :D

  2. What a pretty basket. My mom's friend once helped her weave a basket. I bet it's a tedious process.

  3. What a beautiful basket! You did a great job on it. I've always wanted to learn to weave a basket. I had a friend who was going to teach me, but she moved before she had the opportunity. Maybe someday...

  4. Beautiful! Is that the actual basket you made? You've reminded me that I too took a basket weaving class once!
    Do you know I had completely forgotten that until I read your post?!? I've no idea what happened to the lovely, lavender, egg basket I made way back then! Hope you find a new class as you desire:)


Thank you for your kind words!