Thursday, July 01, 2010

testing... 1...2...3...

I love learning new things... and in this bloggy world, I have learned much.  

My lesson today... did you know that you can SCHEDULE your post to publish at a different time than when you finish writing it?!?  

Ok...  so maybe the world knew this and I'm just learning but I just discovered this little nugget of blogging truth.

So, I'm testing it... hopefully, if it all works out well, this post will be published in a few hours rather than now...  and, if this works, I can use this little tool as I post reviews for TOS!! Woo hoo (especially considering my first review is due when we will be camping...)!!

I feel like my husband each Sunday as he sets up and tears down sound equipment for our church.... testing... 1... 2... 3...


  1. Heeehee, neat idea, isn't it? I haven't used it myself but can see how it might come in handy! Are you enjoying summer Heidi?

  2. I recently figured that out too. Isn't it awesome!


Thank you for your kind words!