Saturday, July 31, 2010

confident? ... not really...

My senior year in college, my friend, Linda, had a hand-crafted poster on her wall...

           Our greatest strength is our greatest weakness

It has been almost 20 years since I first saw that quote on Linda's wall.  I thought, at the ripe-old age of 22, I knew the meaning behind the quote.  Of course, I thought I knew a lot of things then....

This week, this quote came to mind again.... After a basket-making marathon on Thursday, my basket guru, Anne, commented on how confident I am (obviously, I need to spend more time with Anne...).  She said, "You just exude confidence..."  

Yeah... well... I guess to most people I do...

I told her of Linda's quote and how my greatest strength is my greatest weakness.  

Yes... I act confident because I hate to be seen as weak.

Yes.. I appear like I know what I'm doing because I hate to fail.

Yes... I can pull it off... most of the time.

Yes... I often think I have the ability to do more than I actually can.

...and... yes... I have a God who pulls me out of more messes than I can ever remember and a man who is willing to clean up after me....

my greatest strength is my greatest weakness

and if I act confident... I can pretend that no one knows how deeply insecure I truly am

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  1. Great post. I appreciate how open you are, Heidi. :) You inspire me.


Thank you for your kind words!