Thursday, February 18, 2010

thanks Judy!!

Thanks to my blogging friend, Judy, at benmakesten for sending me this great blogging award! Judy's blog has been an encouragement to me. She's shared a lot of GREAT homeschooling advice! She's an incredible mom who not only has a young one at home but she is also a grandmother... amazing!!

Now, as a recipient of the Beautiful Blogger award I must do 3 things.
1) Add a link and a note of thanks to the person giving me the award.
2) Pass the award on to 15 bloggers whose blogs I have recently discovered that I love
3) Share 7 things about myself

First of all, here are seven things about me, in no particular order...
1) I can not not read! I read all of the time. It's the source of great jokes by my dearly beloved.
2) I am blessed to be married to my absolute BEST FRIEND!
3) I have BA degree that I have never used.
4) I have lived in the same house for more than 15 years.
5) I would LOVE to have chickens and farm fresh eggs some day.
6) I would love to live in the UP of Michigan.
7) I am not old enough to be turning 41 soon...

I don't think I have visited 15 blogs lately. So, I'm posting the links to my favorite blogs and bestowing this award on the bloggers.
~in the details. This is my sister's blog. She blows me away with her honesty and vulnerability !
~donleyfarm. This is my cousin's blog. My heart aches for the journey she and her husband are on! I love her blog posts!
~athreeyearjourney. This is my dad's blog! He has written a Bible study for a three year journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
~keepingoftime. This is my real life friend (this is so funny to say but true..) Angie's blog. Angie does an incredible job documenting life at their house. She takes incredible pictures!!
~reviews&reflections. I just found this blog and I love the reviews! Heidi from The Old Schoolhouse magazine posts reviews on books and on homeschool materials. She has a wealth of info on her blog!
~D.A.I.L.Y Of the several blogging friends I have met during the last year, none have challenged me more in my walk with Jesus than Jess. Jess loves Jesus!!
~savedbygrace. Shawntele is probably my first ever blogging friend! She encourages me and is willing to check up on me when I'm absent from cyberspace. ; )
~ingodscaringhands. This is my daughter's blog. She blogs some writing assignments for school but to protect her, this is a private blog.
~amindfullofintriguingthoughts. This is my son't blog... it too is a private blog.


  1. Wow, thanks for the compliments! 'Hard to believe that anyone else would actually want to visit my "documentary!" LOL

  2. I just now saw this! Thank you so much!!


Thank you for your kind words!