Saturday, February 06, 2010

tailgating fun!

Once upon a time (like maybe 3-4 months ago) I promised my son that if the Colts were to go to the SuperBowl, then I would do a SuperBowl birthday party for he and his best friend, Ty. Well, since the Colts paid up, I figured that I had better pay up too!

Thursdays are our homeschool cooperative day and so I planned a tailgating party for lunch to celebrate Eric and Ty's birthdays. Here are some pictures of the fun...including an incredible cake made by my friend, Lori. Believe me when I tell you this tasted as good, if not better, than it looked!! I had asked for half the cake to be chocolate and half white. Lori surprised the kids and added food coloring to the white side. We had chocolate cake or blue cake! She's amazing!!

Over the years, we have amassed an amazing amount of Colts paraphernalia. Whenever anyone in the family wants to get Chad a gift, they usually get him Colts stuff. All of it came in handy when it came time to decorate! I didn't even dig into Eric's cache of Colts memorabilia.

I think Eric and Ty both had a GREAT time!! It was a fun and easy way to celebrate the big 13.

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