Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Molly's Money Saving Digest January 2010 review

I love finding more and more ways to save money around my home. A few years ago, as we were working our way out of a mountain of accrued debt, I decided my "job" was to find ways to save money here at home. I figured the more I could save or spend less, the faster we could get out of debt. What a journey! I wish I would have found "Molly's Money Saving Digest" then.

"Molly's Money Saving Digest" is an ezine sold through The Old Schoolhouse.com. This fifty page ezine is full of recipes, ideas, charts, educational tools and organizational tips. I am a sucker for any magazine or ezine that has recipes with photos and "Molly's Money Saving Digest" didn't disappoint me. I'm sure I'm not the only cook in the world who sometimes needs a photo to decide if a new recipe is worth trying on the family. The photos of the "tomato basil chicken" and the "zesty pork tenderloin" have convinced me I have at least 2 new recipes to try.

I am not a chart maker. Sometimes, though, I think charts would make life easier here at my home. "Molly's Money Saving Digest" has GREAT charts! Reproducible family finance charts, calendars, inventory lists and to do lists were in this issue.

My absolute favorite feature of this ezine was the "Feathering Your Nest-Frugally" section. Great decor is something my home is lacking. I think it's because I never want to spend a lot of money or time on this. However, today I learned a thing or two! I can't wait to try ideas I read about today.

Seriously, if this were not an ezine, I would subscribe today! The Old Schoolhouse offers this ezine for $4.95/monthly issue and I think it is very much worth the cost. The Old Schoolhouse editors offered more than enough time and money saving tips to offset the monthly cost of subscribing to this ezine. However, I am "old school" when it comes to reading. I love the feel and smell of a magazine in my hands while I am reading it. For me, an ezine isn't practical as I'm often carrying a magazine around to do various chores while I read. However, I would recommend "Molly's Monthly Saving Digest" to someone willing to read it on their computer.

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